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 COVID-19 Testing for Kids


  • COVID-19 stands for ‘coronavirus disease discovered in 2019.’ This new coronavirus germ is making some children and adults sick with COVID-19.
  • Some people who get COVID-19 can get sick with a cough, fever, sore throat or feel like they are having a hard time breathing. Some people who get COVID-19 do not get sick.
  • Since COVID-19 is new, doctors and scientists are still learning about the best ways to help people who have it.

  Why do I need a test?

  •  Providers (doctors, nurse practitioners, physician assistants) use this test to find out if you have COVID-19.

What happens when I get the test?

  • Your family will take you to a testing place to do the nose swab test. You might even be able to stay in your car when the test is done. Some kids may get tested right in their school.
  • Providers and nurses will be there to help you. They will wear gowns, gloves, and masks that cover their nose and mouth. This is to keep you and the providers and nurses safe.
  • The nose swab test looks like a long Q-tip and will go in to your nose.
  • The nose swab test will only take 10 seconds. It is your job to stay still for 10 seconds.

  Then what?

  • The nose swab test will be sent to the lab. The workers in the lab will look for COVID-19 germs on your swab. The test answer may take a few days to come back.
  • Your providers and nurses will talk to you and your parents about how to help you feel better while waiting for the answer.
  • Ask your providers, nurses, or parents any questions!



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