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Vision Therapy


What is vision therapy? 

Vision therapy is a program of vision "exercises" that are designed to meet the needs of each patient.  The goal is to improve your vision skills to help your eyes work better together.  This is called binocular vision.  It also includes control of eye movement and eye focus. 


Vision therapy improves the skills you need for daily activities like reading and writing.  You may also have vision changes that affect other activities like playing sports or doing chores.  Vision therapy may help some of the vision changes listed below:

  • trouble focusing your eyes
  • trouble using both eyes together
  • trouble scanning across a page
  • trouble moving your eyes in a certain direction
  • double vision
  • your eyes are not lined up together
  • eye strain
  • trouble understanding information you see 

Vision therapy is provided by an optometrist or an occupational therapist after referral by your doctor.  The services are often an out-of-pocket expense.


Where can I find optometrists who perform vision therapy?

You can locate a doctor in your state using the College of Optometrists in Vision Development website:  Here are some local optometrists who provide vision therapy:


Vision Therapy & Sensory Integration Specialists  (2 sites)

Phone: 301-897-8484, Fax: 301-897-8486

Dr. Stanley A. Appelbaum, FCOVD 

6509 Democracy Blvd                                    133 Defense Highway, Suite 113

Bethesda, MD 20817-1639                             Annapolis, MD 21401


Visual Learning Centers of America, Inc.  (2 sites)

Phone: (410) 730-5808, Fax: (410) 730-5893

Dr. Michael Kotlicky              

Signature Centre - Examination/Treatment               Treatment Center                                            

8827 Columbia 100 Parkway Suite 3                         19 Walker Ave., Suite 300

Columbia, MD 21045                                                 Pikesville, MD 21208

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